Keyboard Warrior

When it comes to working at home, I find the keyboard has become an indispensable peripheral.

The wireless Logitech keyboards at home

I have four Logitech models at my disposal to use with 3 ipads and 4 notebooks in the household … now that the kids are doing online classes and me and my wife are working at home.

The wireless keyboard with iPads is a must for work. Using the on screen keyboard is very counter productive. My youngest son use the iPad to get on Google Classroom. And, an external keyboard is great for completing his school work

When I work, I prefer a little distance between the screen and the keyboard for my eyes to focus on what I am writing without having to take off and put on my glasses to see what I am doing. Also, I prefer the laptop screen to be a little higher (like in the above pix) so that I don’t hurt my neck looking downwards at the screen for a long period of time.

An external keyboard is a good peripheral for that, and using a wireless one is more convenient.

Why Logitech?

In my opinion it is the most reliable brand offering the keyboards at affordable prices. However the different models have their own strengths and quirkiness, that’s why I have “collected” a few Logitech’s wireless keyboard models.

1. Logitech K480

This was the keyboard that started me with Logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard. I bought myself the iPad2 long time ago. After learning more about the device, I started to use it more for personal productivity other than media consumption. I stated to work more with online apps in the Google Suite (now, Google Workplace, right?) … and spending more time at the neighbourhood Starbucks 🙂

This keyboard is great. The spacing of the keys is just great for my fingers. Not too cramped with a very satisfying click and key travel when I type. But then then, the loud click is an annoyance when I work at a coffee shop. The clickkitty-clack of the keys is so loud that if feels a little awkward while typing when I was in Starbucks or in a more quiet environment. As comparison, the sound is almost like a mechanical keyboard.

Another reason why I don’t use this as much now is because of the weight. This keyboard is heavy. Almost a kilogram is I recall correctly. I guess it is designed that way to balance out whatever device you put in the “mobile device” slot. A small iPhone would not be an issue but a big heavy iPad any topple the keyboard if there is not enough weight to counter balance the iPad.

Now, this K480 stays home most of the time and has been delegated to be used with my iPad 3rd gen for my youngest son online classes.

2. Logitech K380

This one here was bought to replace the K480. I now use a 2020, 8th Gen iPad and bought a nice casing with a built-in stand to put the iPad upright. The ipad with the casing added quite a few centimetrers to the thickness and does not fit the slot on the K480. An online search introduced me to this model.

A smaller and lighter bluetooth keyboard. And this one is a quiet typer. The key travel is shallower than the K480 but I am okay with that. Like it’s bigger brother, this keyboard can be linked to 3 devices. Select the button and I can change to use this with my phone or my iPad.

My only issue with this keyboard was the round keys. I said was … because I got used to it after using it for some time. This has got a lot of use time because this is always in my bag. Almost half the weight of the K480

3. Logitech K400+

I bought the predecessor to this model here …. The K400 when I bought an android box to be hooked up to my TV. With the android box, my telly now can become a workstation. A wired keyboard is a no go.

The batteries on these Logitech’s keyboards last really long while. It was so long that I forgot to check the batteries. When the keyboard finally stopped working, I opened to change the batteries only to find out the batteries already leaked and destroyed the internal circuits.

I like the convenience of the built in touch pad that I bought another one, The K400 was replaced with the K400+. It looks the same other than some colour changes and the design on the keypad.

Comparing this to the K480 and the K380. This model is in between. It is not a bluetooth keyboard so I can only used this with devices that have a free USB port. The keys is a little “squishy” but has a good travel to it.

4. Logitech MK 249 (keyboard & mouse combo)

This one I bought as quick fix to my son’s buggy laptop keyboard. The ghosting was so bad that I disabled the built-in keyboard driver and bought this wireless keyboard for him to use. I only tried this for a brief period of time. It feels more compact than the rest of the keyboards I have. I am quite okay with the keyboard, however, I am not a fan of the mouse that came with it though. It is too small to my liking.

My son, on the other hand, is comfortable with both the keyboard and the mouse. It works for him then the device has served its purpose

With all the keyboards that I already have I am still planning to get another. One with full numeric keys …

The Logitech K375s

Still shopping for the best deal ….

A keyboard warrior of a different kind

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