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butter bell

Butter Bell …

This is the first time I see such a storage for butter. And it’s stored upside down, dipped in water. I know, it’s difficult to comprehend with my limited vocabulary but just click on the video below. This butter storage gadget (if you could call it that) maintains the butter temperature at a few degrees below room temperature making it easily spreadable anytime. Pick up the butter bell, turn it over and you have a creamy spreadable butter. Just watch the video, you’ll get it.

There you go … you learn something every day.


via Lifehacker by Jason Fitzpatrick on 8/22/09

Ahh …. this is a healthy idea for this evenings iftar. It doesn’t look that hard. The problem is to buy squash here in KL. I guess I can substitute the squash with carrots, yellow and green zucchini. The sauce or dressing could be anything I can get hold of in the kitchen

This is a salad that’s a Pasta Wannabe

via Lifehacker by Rosa Golijan on 8/22/09

Vegans, low-carbers, gluten-free dieters, and nearly all individuals trying to shed a few pounds face the tough task of cutting pasta out of their diets. Turns out you can use squash as a delicious pasta substitute.

Darya from foodie blog Summer Tomato shows us some dos (rotate the squash while peeling) and some don’ts (don’t peel the squash directly over the bowl or overcook the noodles) when it comes to making squash noodles:

There’s a recipe for “Summer Squash Pasta & Simple Tomato Sauce” at Summer Tomato, along with more detailed instructions, but before you run off to the kitchen: tell us about your favorite diet-friendly food substitutes (and about just how tasty they are or aren’t).

The kids insisted on going to the Melawati Pasar Ramadhan. Abang Long wants murtabak, Abang Ngah wants kebab, Syahril requests for jelly … Me … I just want a simple chee cheong fun.

If not for the kids, I prefer to be home. A simple steamed rice with fried egg and soy sauce (orang Melayu cakap Nasi telur goreng sama kicap lahh) is good enough for breaking fast.

Some mobile photos at the bazaar this evening …

This morning, I was taken back to my childhood years. Mom’s here for the week and she brought my favourite tuber … The sweet potato.

Steamed sweet potato with honey, for breakfast … Yummy!

The carbohydrate from the sweet potato and honey and the caffien from my morning cuppa is a great way to jumpstart my morning.

Well that’s what it says here.

I reproduce the write-up here:

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away

Over the last two centuries, few substances have been studied as widely as coffee and the vast majority of clinical testing shows many very positive health benefits associated with drinking coffee.  The latest studies have discredited some popular old beliefs: in reasonable amounts, coffee does not disturb sleep, nor is it detrimental to heart-health.

Coffee has a very high antioxidant content and is, in fact, the greatest source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet according to University of Scranton professor Dr. Joe Vinson. Antioxidants have been widely linked to a number of potential health benefits including protection against heart disease and cancer.

In addition to coffee’s well-known ability to increase performance on mental and physical tasks, coffee drinking has been strongly linked to lowering the risk of colorectal and liver cancers, asthma, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Caffeine is a well-known mild stimulant of the nervous system and its consumption elevates neural activity in the brain.  It can postpone fatigue and in many studies, has been shown to enhance cognitive performance and increase the body’s capacity for exercise and physical endurance.

Coffee has also been shown to help relieve headaches and to boost the action of painkillers by 40%.


I am a type 2 daibetic, and reading this is really good news to me. Every morning I am drinking my medicine 😀

I drink at least a cup a mug a day, so I am doing something good for my health.

source: Illy Coffee

Sometimes, when getting my Cappucino at a coffee bar, the cappucino they served me was so beautiful that I feel guilty messing out the art created with the milk foam and coffee.

I thought I’d give this cappucino art thing a try at home. And, the result of my effort …


That was supposed to be a four leaf clover.
What do you think?

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