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A very futuristic vision of glass technology. I am not sure if the technologies in the video are already available, in development or just a concept or idea …. whatever it is this video is cool to watch.

A Day made of Glass. via

The E90 communicator successor … that was the first thought that came to me the moment my buddy Asri Al-Baker of handed me a review unit of the Nokia E7.

I had two Nokia communicators before, the Nokia 9500 and the Nokia 9300, and flipping the E7 brought my thoughts back to the “commies” I had use. The large display. The mini keyboard. All very familiar.

I am using a Nokia N8 now, so I have already expected the sturdy build quality of the E7. Sliding the display part of the E7 reveals a nicely arranged “chiclet” type keyboard which is quite comfortable to use. The keys are a little bit small to my liking but the spacing of the keys is just right. People with large thumbs, like yours truly here, should be able to thumb type on this comfortably. Having said that, however, as far as smartphones keyboard goes, I like the ones on the 9500 communictor best. (more…)

This piece here is really funny. But it does put forth the silliness in technical terms and naming of gadgets

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