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I lost my one of Parker 45s a few months back, and that made me stop using my favourite pen, the Pelikan M215 for a while. Well, at least I did not take it out with me wherever I go. I’d use it when I am writing at home, but it goes back in the desk drawer after that.

For daily knock around pen, I’d have a Pilot G2 1.0 always clipped to my pocket. I still use a fountain pen at my office, but stuck with the cheaper Pelikan Level 65.

I took my Pelikan collection for cleaning and ink refilling, and I thought I’d use the M215 back in my daily pen rotation. I love fountain pens and this one here is the most expensive (that I can afford to splurge on) I bought for myself. I decided, if I bought it just to be kept in the drawers and gets used occasionally, it would really be a waste. I’d like to enjoy using the pen so it’ll be worth the money i spent on it.

… I just need to be extra carefull, and not be careless leaving the pen everywhere.

Old School Day Calendar

Posted: 15 December, 2009 in Pen & Paper

Felt very nostalgic … I love this kind of calendar, wall mount or desktop, like this one. If only this moleskine day calendar is not so pricey …

Pen of choice for today

Posted: 28 September, 2009 in Pen & Paper
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The Parker 45 Coronet.

This pen has not seen any action for the past month, if I recall correctly. Since today is the first official working day after the Eid’ one week holiday, I pick out this pen as part ot today’s working arsenal.

And the ink of choice for the pen this time around is the Sailor Red Brown. Really complimenting the colour of the pen itself.