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Was out walking with the children this morning. I had already walked about 3km earlier, but the morning waas so pleasant and beautiful that the kids wanted to go out for a walk around the kampung as well.

It was a fun, albeit slow, walk with my sons … Oh … mommy was there too. A wonderful quality time with the family.

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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I could not resist taking the kids for a walk and some fun at the park. I came back late last night from the Men’s Health 12K Night Run, legs still sore, but looking at the smiles on the children’s faces … It’s worth it.

I took the advantage of doing a 5K easy recovery walk with the kids. Kill 2 birds withe one stone, people say, eh!

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Tracked another 10km walking session this morning. This time, it is not at the regular Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir but my friend Abedib insisted I try a route he discovered cycling around Putrajaya’s Presint 8. Wanting to go to a new location to “change air” (tukar angin), this morning I started the day extra early. I was up by 5:00AM, and at 5:30AM I was driving to Bangi to pickup Abedib en-route to Purtajaya. Another friend, Aliff, joined us at Putrajaya Lake Club, and we began the morning walk around half past seven in the morning … I, my two sons, Syafie and Syahril, Abedib and Aliff.

Here’s the route:

I like walking the route and will definitely go back for my morning walk there soon. And, I would like to make this place an “at least once a month” route.

Some pictures to share I captured with my mobile phone along the route at presint8 and Presint 9 Putrajaya.