The shelves at the supermarket seems to be void of cooking oil, most of the days … Why …?

Well, the common statement I hear is that the retailers and retailers are hoarding the stocks expecting the price of cooking oil to rose in the near future. That could be true but I think the main reason is the consumers gullibility.

Chinese New Year celebrations is just around the corner and like other festive seasons, families will do a lot off cooking. Restaurants expecting a huge turn out for family dinners will stocks on some cooking oil. Naturally, there’s going to be increase in demand during these seasons.

Then, when consumers see that supermarkets have less cooking oil on their shelves, people will start to talk … “there’s not much cooking oil at the supermarket, looks like a shortage in the commodity.” That’s a normal response to human being insecurity. The outcome, people will start buying extra too keep as stocks to make sure they have cooking oil of there’s should really be shortage. Instead of one bottle the family really needs, people will start buying three or four bottles.

Production and distribution of cooking oil is regulated by the Malaysian government as it is a controlled item, meaning the price is also controlled by the government. So, the unexpected increase in demand will create a shortage … An artificial shortage.

Retailers and cooking oil producers will play on this phenomenon to reap in extra profit. Firstly, retailers, will spread on the rumours that there’s supply shortage cooking oil, consciously understanding this will cause sales of cooking oil will increase when people starts to buy extra to keep stocks. The retailers have a faster turnover which is what businesses aim for.

Secondly, producers, will definitely will want to produce as much as possible, lobbying the government to allow the increase in supply. This of course will cost the government because the greater the supply of this subsidised commodity will cost the government more in cooking oil subsidies. This could lead the policy makers to increase the retail price of this controlled item. An outcome the businesses are looking forward to.

The consumers are at the losing end. Our own gullibility will make cooking oil cost more. Factory owners and supermarkets will reap in the moolah.

Photo: I doubt one family needs this much oil to cook, even for a month.

This piece here is really funny. But it does put forth the silliness in technical terms and naming of gadgets

via Engadget

The first thing I bought for my Nokia N8 was a screen protector. It was a cheap, RM10.00 piece of sticky plastic pasted on the N8 screen. First, the clear display was blurred by the screen protector. But I thought I could live with that as long I can protect my N8 screen from scratches. I put my phone in my pocket with my keys and coins … sure enough after a few days, there were scratches on the screen protector.

I said to myself, “see … the screen protector is doing its job, preventing the keys and coins from scratching the display”.

After a few more days, after hundreds of phone calls later, my oily cheek started to weaken the screen protector adhesive and a few days after that the screen protector just peeled off in my pocket.

Not satisfied with the “cheapo” screen protector, I searched the net for a good screen protector for my N8.

And … this is what I found!

I don’t need a screen protector after all. The N8 is fitted with a gorilla glass which is very scratch resistant and the anodised aluminium body is hard enough to withstand the daily abuse of keys and coins in my pocket.

I have not found any information on the glass used for the N8 camera … hopefully it’s gorilla glass as well.

I’d like to invite friends to this great social event … get healthy … meet people.

Spread the love. The love of walking that is. It’s a no competition, no stress event. Just join in the fun. walk for a couple of kilometers or you could on and do another lap.

Details below. Official site here.

I am a little late posting this but, I got a new Sportband from nike since they cannot repair my broken unit. It took them a week to test it out and check if they could repair it, afterwhich they decided to just give me a new one.
And this new unit comes with a new one year warranty starting from the day they gave me the replacement Sportband. That’s another one full year warranty.
I have tested it out last weekend, and after another calibration run, it’d be set to go.

My Nike+ Sportband would not sync with my computer any more. It can still record workouts but there’s no way of me uploading the run data up to

After recording a run, usually the PC client will detect the sportband once inserted in the USB slot and upload the run data. This did not happen for me this morning. I plugged it in various USB ports and nothing happened. The computer just could not detect the sportband.

I called the retail outlet where I purchased the Sportband, SportsLand KLCC outlet, and they explained that they will take back the faulty unit to check and troubleshoot the problems. If their technicians could not solve the problem, they’ll replace a new unit to me … That’s just great. I just need to wait approximately a week for the sportband unit to be checked and replaced if it is for sure faulty.

For now, I’ll be tracking my workouts with Nokia Sports Tracker.