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Photos: Flying Kite with Aki

Posted: 10 March, 2009 in Snapshots
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Some photos recorded on Sunday evening of my kids flying kite with my father. Three generation on the field playing together … My father got to play with his 2 sons and his 5 grandsons.



Aki, showing Zafran and Syafiq how to wind up the string … Syahril in the foreground already flying one kite.


Zafran having more fun charing kite than flying one


Syahrul wants the kite in his grasps … not in the sky 😀


… see what I mean …


Syahril … kite grounded


Syafiq … runing trying to keep the kite up in the air


my lovely wife trying her hands with one of the kites


All photos taken with my Nokia E71 built-in camera.

That’s what it is … Scary. What started as a perfectly relaxing Sunday morning almost turned into a nightmare.

I’ve been putting this off for a while but last Sunday, I decided to go ahead and do a firmware update recently announced on my Nokia E71. Here’s the story …

Early Sunday morning, I switched on my PC, plugged on my Nokia E71 and ran the Nokai Software Updater (NSU). The updater software promted me to make sure I’ve made a backup of my device memory. Okay, to be on the safe side, I synced my contacts and calendar into Outlook, then use the PCSuite again to to a full memory backup. After that was done, I did another backup. On the phone menu system, I selected TOOLS > MEMORY > OPTIONS > BACK UP PHONE  MEMORY. It took about 10 minutes, but I was satisfied because I now have three versions of “back up”.

I started the Nokia Software Updater (should be called Firmware Updater, if you asked me), acknowldges that I have done my back up and the update status bar started to move.

“Kids,  go play next door … Dear, do not switch anything on or off for the next 30 minutes … Bibik! do not start the washing machine untill I say so”

That’s how paranoid I was on Sunday morning. I was afraid any of the electrical appliance could cause the fuse box to trip and shut down my PC ( I don’t have a UPS). I could very well “brick” my phone, and turn it into a paperweight,  if there were a power failure while the E71 firmware was being updated. 

The NSU took about ten minutes to download the firmware from the internet and another fifteen minutes or so installing the firmware update. The update was a success. I don’t know if it was just me being excited, but I was quite sure the letters and fonts look better. Navigating through the menu was spiffier. By this time, it was time to go out and do some weekend groceries. So, I clipped my phone back into the casing and off to the supermarket I went. I received a couple of calls while I was shopping, and since the phone is like a brand new phone out of the factory, I couldn’t tell who were calling untill I answered them. I made a mental reminder torestore the back up the moment I reached home.

Okay … back at home, I connected the E71 to the PC once again, launched PCSuite and went on to restore from the backup I made on the PC. It took a quite a while to put everything back to the phone.  A pop up on the screen tells me that the restore was completed and the phone prompted that it needs a reset. I pressed OK.

That’s when the bad things happen.

After the reset and the usual Nokia handshake, there was a message on the phone “Phone start up failed. Please contact the retailer”


I kept calm for a while, switched off the phone and switched it back on moments later. … ding ding diiing ding dooonngg … the nokia handshake … and …


Then I started to panic. 

I called a cousin of mine who has been a Nokia user as long as I can remember to ask if he knows what to do in such situation. He did not answer. I called the store where I bought the phone. They were still closed for Chinese New Year. My goodness.

Out of desperation, I switched off the phone and took out the phone and the SIM card. I though if this Symbian device is like windows, cutting all power amd do a fresh restart would help.

I was wrong. After 30 minutes, I put the phone together and switched it on again only to see the same disappointing message.

“Arrrggghhhh ….. I killed my phone”

I started to sweat, my tummy feel like I swollowed a bunch of butterflies … the feeling was horrible. I feel distress and depress at the same time.

I called my friend Dr. Jamal and told him what happened. He felt sorry for me but did mention that he read somewhere that the phone can be factory resetted by pressing a combination of keys. He cant recall which key combo but we was sure it can be done.

My hopes were back up and went off googling. After following a few links I found a site that explained how to do the hard reset.

There are two ways.

(1) key in *#7370#

(2) switch off the phone. While keeping the green phone button, 3 and #key [correction: press 3 + * + green keys, thanks Punes, for correcting] press the red power button to switch the phone on. keep everythind depressed untill the nokia handshake comes on screen. Let go of the keys only after the handshake screen dissappears.

I could not even get my phoe to start, so I went straight to option (2).

I pressed the three keys as instructed, and being short of a third hand, I asked my son to press the power button.

Ding ding diiing ding doongg … hand shake … and YAYYYY!!!!! the standby screen. At that point in time, I was the happiest man in the world. 

What a relief. The first person I called to test if the phone is working was Dr. Jamal. The phone call went on without any problems. 

This was one heck of a weekend “adventure”. I learned a few things out of this.

I’m just glad I got to use my Nokia E71 again.

I was a little jelous to see Abedib’s E71 merrily synching with Outlook on his notebook. I had my E71 a couple of weeks earlier but still nad not get it to sync … well, untill last night.

I can sync via PC suite at my office but not at home, so I thought something is blocking the connection. After the nasi padang dinner which was super delicious by the way (thanks Abedib), and while soaking my ankle in cold icy water (thanks to Dr. Azmi’s advice, the swelling subsided and I can sleep very well last night), an idea came to troubleshoot the connectivity problem by using another form of connection, BLUETOOTH.

I switched both bluetooth, on my desktop PC and my E71, paired them and click the sync icon …There was a beep and it worked!!!

At that point in time I could very well be the happiest man on the world. I was trying to make the PC to E71 connection for three weeks and it worked. The solution was just in front of me and I could only think of that after three weeks.

I touched my face and could feel the smile all the way till the end of the sync. Yayyy … Success!

Beautiful Sunday

Posted: 18 January, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Snapshots
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A beautiful morning in KL today.

I am at KLCC Park, at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers with my family. It’s a day of celebration, I guess because I did intend to take the whe family out to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Everything goes well as planned and was presented with a very beautiful morning to start the day.

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When I got my E71 a couple of weeks ago, one of the first thing that I installed was Garmin Mobile XT. I don’t want to use the preinstalled Nokia GPS and Maps because everytime I launched Nokia GPS, I had to make a wireless connection. I do not subscribe to a buffet, all-u-can-use data plan, so using Nokia maps for navigation is very expensive. Hence, GarminXT a solution of choice.

Two weeks ago, I installed an outdated version of GMobileXT and it worked fine, really, but I decided to install the latest version on my E71 last night. I thought I knew what I was doing … boy, it was a long night.

I downloaded the update and installed as per directed but I could not get GmobileXT to run on the phone. I panicked, I reinstalled the software, reset the phone and it still did not work. I was sleepy and at almost 1 a.m. I decided to uninstall the app using the Applications Manager and delete all files and folders relating to Garmin.

Then, did a fresh install.

Twenty minuts later, it worked! What a relief. I thought I scewed up the whole memory card since GMobileXT needs to be installed on the card, and depends on the card’s unique ID to run. Phewww!!!

Moral of the story, do not work when sleepy or tired. Get a good rest and you’d probably find the solution to easier.

New Toy ….

Posted: 9 January, 2009 in Gadgets & Toys
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I’ve been putting off getting a new phone, trying to squeeze as much usage life from my Nokia 9500 Communicator. The commie’s health became very critical recently, the housing cracked and the battery can’t even last till lunchtime. After lunch I’d be disconnected the rest of the afternoon.

A great reason to tell myself to get a new phone.

I initially thought of waiting for the Nokia E63 to reach Malaysian shores ….. nahhhh …. can’t wait that long. So this is what I got for myself. A Nokia E71.

Yeah …  a black, gun metal body.

I’ve read about complaints about the small QERTY keyboard, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I feel very comfortable handling the phone’s keyboard, that I think I’ve sent as many text message in the last couple of days as the whole month of December last year.

I like twitter, so the small app Tiny Twitter was the first third party application I installed onto the phone, followed by Opera Mini. I don’t do  much mobile browsing so I do not need to go about setting up the phone for 3G connection. I’m not subscribed to any sort ‘buffet’  – use all you can – data plan, I pay as I use … a la carte style. I have wireless connection at home and at work, so all I need to do was set up the phone for these two places … easy peasy.

One application that is a little tricky to install (at least for me) is the Garmin Mobile XT GPS. Nokia has it’s own GPS app but I’m more familar with the Garmin, me having used a Nuvi device before. Got it installed and working yesterday evening.

Now. I need to trouble shoot, why my new E71 won’t sync with my home PC. There must be somekind of connection problem because the desktop PC Sync client can’t detect the phone when hooked. At work … I get to sync the phone at first try.

Wish me luck …..