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The Official Gmail Blog announced an new labs feature … Offline Gmail. The google mobile app was able to handle offline email creation and this news is very much awaited for the desktop browser version.

Here’s the youtube video on gmail offline …

One question lurks in my mind, does this mean if I have a 1GB email messages in the cloud, then google gears will sync the whole 1GB to my desktop computer.

The service is not on my gmail account yet, but once I get it I’m going to definitely try it out.

Cleaner Reader

Posted: 7 December, 2008 in Tech & The Net
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Google Reader has a cleaner look now. It’s lost the rounded edges around the feed’s frames and also the gaudy colours on the left side of the page where it lists the feeds subscription.

I think removing the rounded egdes made it easire for the browser to render the page since I find it faster to load Google Reader since it changed to the new look. Fast is good.

There’s less clutter on the new design as well. Thumbs up from me.

pic: the new google reader page.


I've been waiting for this since I learned about Google Gears. Waiting for Google to implement the offline/online sync of their "online office solution".

Check out the video…

Eversince, Microsoft cancelled my multi user license for it's office suite (saying that my license agreement had expired ….sheeeshhh), my company went for an open source solution and used Open Office. I personally like Google docs because I don't need to carry a thumbdrive to take my work home or vice-versa. The only problem was the stability of the internet connection at my area, or the lack of it!

Now, my account still doesn't allow me to go offline just yet. It's just a matter of time. I've been wating for quite some time already, and a few extra days of waiting shouldn't be a big problem.

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QotD: Search Me

Posted: 11 May, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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How well does your name Google? Who are you up against? (Celebrities, etc.)
Submitted by Matt Blank.

Googling my name "Nazley" … I came to be the top seven (7) in the search list. Not bad ehhh? for a nobody 😛

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