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The Official Gmail Blog announced an new labs feature … Offline Gmail. The google mobile app was able to handle offline email creation and this news is very much awaited for the desktop browser version.

Here’s the youtube video on gmail offline …

One question lurks in my mind, does this mean if I have a 1GB email messages in the cloud, then google gears will sync the whole 1GB to my desktop computer.

The service is not on my gmail account yet, but once I get it I’m going to definitely try it out.

IE is still the “usual target” for malicious attacks. I use Firefox and Chrome primarily, so, I’m not musc affected by this news.

However, at work, I deal with various agencies online … via the various agencies website and web applications. These agencies develop the applications as if there’s only one web browser available. Other than IE, these sites will not work properly.

Now, with more people going open sourced (yeah, who doesn’t like free stuff), moving away from MS products, I just wish the developers for these sites,  design the online application to work with the various web browsers available. There are not many I think. The more popular ones like, Safari and Chrome uses the same webkit engine, Firefox and Netscape (naybody still uses Netscape?) powered by gecko … and there’s Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer. And, Oh! theres Opera.

Not saying that IE shouldn’t be used at all, but when news like this comes out, we have an alternative to use a diferent web browser and stillbe able to connect to these governmant agencies and do some work.

At this moment, I just have to take some risk … I have no choice but to use IE.


Cleaner Reader

Posted: 7 December, 2008 in Tech & The Net
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Google Reader has a cleaner look now. It’s lost the rounded edges around the feed’s frames and also the gaudy colours on the left side of the page where it lists the feeds subscription.

I think removing the rounded egdes made it easire for the browser to render the page since I find it faster to load Google Reader since it changed to the new look. Fast is good.

There’s less clutter on the new design as well. Thumbs up from me.

pic: the new google reader page.


Microsoft Live – Sky Drive. An online storage solution. Latest news is that it now offers 25GB of storage space in the clouds.

I sometime do office work at home and vice versa so I usually copy some of my work files (and some personal stuffs) in my portable USB Drive. I keep my blog posts in my portable drive so that I can write anywhere I have access to a computer.

Having an online storage would mean I may not have to store much on my portable USB drive any more. I just need to upload files that I feel I need to access frequently and not tied to a physical location. I konw this online storage has been around for a while already, but I am still reluctant to store my stuff onto the internet, especially on these free services. For one thing secutity is an issue I am concerned with and secondly, being free, the service could be gone the next day and I would be left hanging without ways to recover my files.


They Stop Pownce-ing

Posted: 2 December, 2008 in Tech & The Net
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Last week I got news about Sandy ( being pulled down from the internet, and today I read about another service that’s going to have the plug pulled as well. is going to be no more in 2 weeks time. Here’s what the developers blogged about the end of pownce. Six Apart bought them over. I wonder how the company behind TypePad, MoveableType and Vox, intend to incorporate Pownce into their services. That I’d have to wait and see.

I registered to use Pownce services some time ago but it failed to catch my attention. I was very comfortable using twitter. With all the twitter centric mini-apps and browser plugins, using twitter is easier as its ever been. Pownce wants to be twitter and more, but Twitter won the game because of the time factor, I think. Twitter being launched to the net much earlier and caught the heart of many users as soon as it was launched. Once users are comfortable with the service, changing to another is a little difficult to do. It’s human nature, I presume, being resistant ot change.

Those using Pownce will of course feel sad with this loss, but perhaps it could pop up as a better service in the future, under the Six Apart banner.

Me, I’m happy with twitter. So. don’t take twitter offline …

Sandy’s Back

Posted: 28 November, 2008 in Tech & The Net
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That was quick ….

A lot of people are really going miss Sandy, including yours truly, and a message by Freelance Samurai give some hope to seeing Sandy again.

A Sandy fan, set up a blog to put together a team to revive Sandy, this time around in Open Source format. Hopefully they’ll get an improved Sandy up and about soon.

Sandy Quits

Posted: 28 November, 2008 in Tech & The Net
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Sandy’s quitting come 8th December 2008.

I’ve been very dependent on Sandy to remember stuff which works very well with twitter and email. All I need to do was to send Sandy a tweet/email and she’ll take note of the tweet or message, be it a to do, a note or an appointment. Sandy will remind me via twitter and/or email of the tasks or appointments. A virtual secretary. Now that Sandy will be no more in a few days time, I feel like losing an employee.

I can still use Remember the Milk with twitter for the same functionality, though it wouldn’t feel the same.

That’s the price I have to pay for falling in love with free online services. What to do, I’m a cheapskate and will continue using free online applications and services. I doubt Gmail would shut down … but you can never tell. I have to think of other email alternatives it it happens.

The creator of Sandy explained why he’s pulling the plug on here, but I guess by the 8th December, the link will be switched off as well. More about the end of Sandy’s career at