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Okay … here's another one out of my doodle book.

No, I've not been to Japan recently.

I saw this scene … this image … somewhere but could not recall where and when. The image of the Pagoda is stuck in my mind. I might have seen this in one of the Photography magazines I bought. I really can't remember.

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Dormant …

Posted: 30 January, 2008 in Babbles & Rants
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My bad ….

It's been almost two months since my last update here. It has been quite busy during those time, and still occupied with my daytime job, family chores and errands. I don't go out for photo outing these past few months as well, either than a couple of weddings I covered. I really wanted to.

I decided against going out on New Year's eve to get some fireworks shot because it rained heavily that evening, and I just recovered from a bad cold. On Thaipusam day, again I have to give this a pass, because I need to send my maid off back to Indonesia. Now, while waiting for the new Indonesian maid to arrive, I have to take over some of the households chores to have things running smoothly and have a clean organized home.

The short period of time I have between work and errands at the office or at home, I spent sketching ….

I am not that artist type of person, but a couple of years ago, when I started moving back from digital PDA organizer to paperbase note taking, I found myself sketching here and there in my Moleskine. I had this blank notebook on my bookshelf and one day decided to make the book as a dedicated sketchbook. Errrmmmm … maybe a doodling book would be a better description of the notebook.

Here's a sketch I'd like to share. I sketched this a few days ago while waiting for my kids to finish school. I finished it off later in the evening while accompanying and helping the kids doing their homework and my wife busy working on the computer.

I used a Pelikan M215, Fine nib fountain for this piece. The ink is Pelikan 4001 Turquoise.

Until the next update …..

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I was at the Times Bookstore KLCC yesterday, at the Pelikan pens and stationery
corner and saw what I initially thought was moleskine notebooks …
well, they were not.

It's a moleskine copycat produced by and branded as "monologue" notebooks. The dimension of
the notebooks matches the pocket moleskine exactly, with the elastic
band and the back accordian pocket. Comparing the paper with the plain
pocket moleskine I had at that moment, the Monologue has slightly
thicker paper. Thicker doesn't mean quality paper, I've learned, but I
only get to know the quality of the paper when I put ink on the pages.
It's not going to be anytime soon because I still have about half of my
pocket reporter still blank …

The price is less than a third of what the pocket moleskine would cost
here in KL. The cost of one pocket moleskine can buy 3 of the
monologues and I would still have change to pay for the parking.

Here are some pix …

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