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I added some sketches to make the recipe book less boring …

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Dormant …

Posted: 30 January, 2008 in Babbles & Rants
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My bad ….

It's been almost two months since my last update here. It has been quite busy during those time, and still occupied with my daytime job, family chores and errands. I don't go out for photo outing these past few months as well, either than a couple of weddings I covered. I really wanted to.

I decided against going out on New Year's eve to get some fireworks shot because it rained heavily that evening, and I just recovered from a bad cold. On Thaipusam day, again I have to give this a pass, because I need to send my maid off back to Indonesia. Now, while waiting for the new Indonesian maid to arrive, I have to take over some of the households chores to have things running smoothly and have a clean organized home.

The short period of time I have between work and errands at the office or at home, I spent sketching ….

I am not that artist type of person, but a couple of years ago, when I started moving back from digital PDA organizer to paperbase note taking, I found myself sketching here and there in my Moleskine. I had this blank notebook on my bookshelf and one day decided to make the book as a dedicated sketchbook. Errrmmmm … maybe a doodling book would be a better description of the notebook.

Here's a sketch I'd like to share. I sketched this a few days ago while waiting for my kids to finish school. I finished it off later in the evening while accompanying and helping the kids doing their homework and my wife busy working on the computer.

I used a Pelikan M215, Fine nib fountain for this piece. The ink is Pelikan 4001 Turquoise.

Until the next update …..

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I had to go to office this morning …. yeah, on a Sunday!

I was supposed to meet someone but he was late. While waiting, I took some photos of another one of my pen …. a LABAN, Ring Collection.

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Daddy dearest handed down to me two of his Parkers he found while doing his Spring (it's almost autumn now ) cleaning. After a 2 day internet search I found out the two Parkers to be …
Parker 45 Coronet (metallic red/burgundy barrel)
Parker 180 or Ms. Parker (Gold plated)
**links above go to images on

He, (my dad), remembered the 45 was a gift in 1970. And he received the
Ms. Parker, also as a gift when he was transferred from Kelantan to
Sarawak in 1980.

The dates checked out when I referred to this site These are 2 oldest pen I have, currently.

Both pens were clogged up with dried ink. The Parker 45 was quite easy
to clean. I just unscrew the nib, immerse the nib and the nib section
in the ultrasonic cleaner for a few minutes. A few hours later I was
using the pen already. The pen has been my daily writer for a couple of
days now, filled with Pelikan Brilliant Brown, and I liiiikeee it!!!!

Ms. Parker is giving me a little bit of a problem. I can't remove the
nib so I put the whole nib section in the ultrasonic cleaner. This pen
got the same treatment as the 45 but I can't get the parker 108 to
write as good as the 45. The nib is still good and smooth, just that
the ink skips intermittently … like the ink flow is blocked or
something. Maybe I'll try another cycle of ultrasonic cleaner with a
few drops of dish detergent ….

Some pix …

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I let these 2 images do the talking first ….


After taking a 15 minutes "bath" …..

I can still make out the words made by the Pelikan Brilliant Black, and
maybe a little of the PR Tanzanite. The other 2 colours were almost
completely washed out.

The Hero ink did not wash out much …. I was impressed, and glad with
this discovery (I wanted to get the bulletproof noodlers but the
shipping cost made me use the cheaper inks available here in KL).
Perhaps I don't need the bulletproof Noodler's after all … hehehehe

Yeah right!

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Fine writing instrument … that's what most people associate a fountain pen with. When I was very much younger, during my school days, a fountain pen is a must in my pencil case. My English teacher will only accept work done with a fountain and royal blue ink ( I prefer black actually). She'll allocate an hour of her English language class to concentrate on writing exercise. I cannot remember how many thousand lines of "The big brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" I've written. Sad to say, however, after all those practice, my handwriting is still no better than my family doctor's ……

My favourite pen I use daily now is the Pelikan M215, Tradition series, with the blue striped barrel. It's a good writer, with good wet ink flow to the nib. A joy to use every time. I have a few more fountain pens in my bag …

Sheaffer Prelude
Pelikan Pura
Pelikan Steno
Rotring Freeway
Pilot Unic
Pilot Petit 1
Lamy Safari

And … another Pelikan could be on the way. I've ordered a new Pelikan M200 with marble green barrel. The pen is on sale, to commemorate the country's 50 years of independence. It's 50 precent off the shelf price.

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