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Sometimes, when getting my Cappucino at a coffee bar, the cappucino they served me was so beautiful that I feel guilty messing out the art created with the milk foam and coffee.

I thought I’d give this cappucino art thing a try at home. And, the result of my effort …


That was supposed to be a four leaf clover.
What do you think?

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Photos: Flying Kite with Aki

Posted: 10 March, 2009 in Snapshots
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Some photos recorded on Sunday evening of my kids flying kite with my father. Three generation on the field playing together … My father got to play with his 2 sons and his 5 grandsons.



Aki, showing Zafran and Syafiq how to wind up the string … Syahril in the foreground already flying one kite.


Zafran having more fun charing kite than flying one


Syahrul wants the kite in his grasps … not in the sky 😀


… see what I mean …


Syahril … kite grounded


Syafiq … runing trying to keep the kite up in the air


my lovely wife trying her hands with one of the kites


All photos taken with my Nokia E71 built-in camera.