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Brando offers up a laptop cooling pad with a dock for a 2.5 inck hard disk.

Priced at US$33.00 (roughly around RM120), this would be a cool laptop cooler to have. the hard disk dock looks interesting at first, but on second thought, I’d prefer to get a portable hard disk, complete with a good housing and connect to the laptop via a USB onnector. So, having four or even five USB ports would be a better option for me.

A proper 2.5 inch HDD in a good casing is easier to store since all the contacts and electronics are housed in a case and the only socket you have is to connect the USB cable from the portable hard disk to the laptop. The delicate pins and sockets of the HDD don’t have to bear the abuse of plugging in and pulling it out of the dock.

But still … it’s a great “Hey! look at this cool thing I have …” gadget to have.