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I was at an A&W; Restaurant Outlet this afternoon and ordered my favourite softdrink … The famous A&W; Rootbeer.


Instead of getting the usual ice cold rootbeer in a cold glass mug, I was served this ….


The rootbeer was served in a paper cup and it is not cold as expected. I wouldn’t mind as much if I ordered to go, but I was a dine-in customer. When asked, the girl behind the counter said, “oh, we are out of glass mugs.”

Not even an apology or asking me in advanced if I don’t mind the rootbeer served in a paper cup. Even then, I would not take that as an excuse. A&W; all around the world serve their rootbeers in tall, icy cold glass mugs and it is no reason this one outlet in Ampang serve its rootbeer in paper cups.

Each outlet should have enough mugs to serve everyone of its customer for the whole day of operations and serve the rootbeer like this, as advertised ….


Otherwise, I would call it false advertising.

Call me anal … but I want my A&W; Rootbeer in the tall, iced cold glass mug.

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Cold Pizza Anyone?

Posted: 1 March, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

I sure don’t like my pizza cold … but I was delivered a few boxes of pizza that way.

It was a chore free Sunday for me so for dinner, I did not cook for a change and decided to call for pizza. And that’s what I did, at  roughly quarter past six, this evening.


Here’s the order confirmation slip …


The order process was done very smoothly online via , and I patiently waited for the pizza which was promised to be delivered in 30 minutes in the order screen (unfortunately, I did not have a screenshot of the order screen).

Forty minutes passed and the kids were getting restless, asking me when the pizza’s coming. A few moments later, someone from Pizza Hut called saying that the pizza wold be a little late because of traffic. TRAFFIC??? … I thought these pizza delivery riders are “Mat Rempits” on a payroll delivering pizzas. Traffic jam issue was not really acceptable to me but I waited on.

Sixty minutes passed. Still no pizza. I was on the phone talking to a pizza hut customer service representative when the rider called saying that he could not find my apartment.

What!!! …

This is not the first time I’m ordering from the company, but this is the first time a delivery rider could not find my home. I read him (the pizza delivery guy) my address and he said he’ll search for the address. He did find my apartment eventually, about 15 minutes later, I took delivery of the pizzas and paid him. Frustrated, I made a remark saying that this is the longest time I had to wait for a pizza to be delivered, 1 hour 20 minutes. This delivery guy had the nerve to reply … “Abang yang salah bagi alamat” (You  gave the wrong address) … come on!!!

I have ordered before and all deliveries were made to me without the delivery rider getting lost. You are late. yes ok, but don’t tell me it’s my fault!

I checked the receipt, indeed the address was not complete, the delivery guy was not totally wrong, but what happened to my address information. I had not changed anything before this. Somehow, the name of the apartment complex was chopped off from my address.

I do not have control over pizza hut customer database. SO DON”T BLAME ME!!!

Someone screwed up and I and the kids had to eat cold pizza tonight.

You think I am pissed? …. you bet’cha.


Officially lodge a report via Pizza Hut Malaysia website.

I read this with a total 110% agreement with the writer (and thousands, perhaps millions other Malaysians), though, I admit I do not have the courage to address this openly as he did.

Anas Zubedy put up a full page advertisement in the newspaper to speak his mind …

A call for help asking those in power to stop the power struggle and focus on the people and the economy.

While the whole world is in a state of panic trying hard to revive the economy, our local newspapers, are reporting about how we are better off than other countries and would be immune to this international crisis just shows that we, or should I say our leaders, are in a state of denial. By not accepting the fact that our beloved country could be seriously effected by the ecomomic turmoil, the priority was incorrectly placed … ecomomic distress was pushed aside for political struggle.

En. Anas Zubedy … I salute you.

The open letter was loud and clear. 

The image above is too small to read I know, so I reproduce it here

Dear Malaysian Politicians,

Please stop the power chase, call for a truce and focus on the economy.

I do not claim to speak on behalf of all Malaysians, but I have strong convictions that many share my sentiments.

Our concern today is not who rules the country or heads the state governments but the looming bad economy.

Whether Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat leads, it is meaningless if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table.

I am a business owner, like other business owners and managers of corporations I have a responsibility to ensure people under my care and payroll continue to have jobs and a decent income to take home. We work hard and willing to go the extra mile to make sure our nation not only survive this crisis but come out stronger and wiser. We need your help.

Let me explain. I am in the business of Training, Development and Consultancy and have 20 people in my team.

Saedah is 42. She keeps the office clean and helps organise the training rooms. She has four children and her husband is unemployed. She was first hired on a part time basis, because she is very hard working and has a great attitude, we offered her a full time job to help provide a stable income for her family. Even then, when her third child started school this year, it was a struggle for her to buy new school uniforms and other necessities. Saedah lives on a ‘kais bulan, makan bulan’ basis, so, if she is jobless, her tap runs dry.

Samsuri is 27 years old. He lives with his sister and her family in a low cost government flat in Sunway. He does our despatch, helps with various clerical works and occasionally acts as a driver. During the first week at zubedy, we learned that he not only did not have money to buy new clothes and shoes for work, he had no money for lunch. Like Saedah, if he has no job, his tap runs dry too.

Alicia in Client Servicing turns 26 this year. She lives with her dad who is 71 years old and retired. Her mom passed away when she was little. Alicia is a hard-working team member, has a gentle caring outlook and fun to be with. (We like to poke fun at her as she blushes easily). Last May her dad went through a major operation, thank God he has recovered well. Alicia needs a job, both for herself and her dad.

Sudesh, 38, is one of our facilitators. When his father passed away last year, he moved back and lives with his mother in Seremban. He shuttles between Kuala Lumpur and Seremban daily, leaving home sometimes as early as 4 in the morning and returning late at night. He is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice, he knows what he needs to do to survive and to care for his mother, but he too needs a job.

Like fellow Malaysians, every one of us in zubedy needs employment, those that live from hand to mouth like Saedah and Samsuri and others like Alicia and Sudesh with family to care for. We Malaysians need the Malaysian economy to be strong. We need you, our leaders, to work hard and to work together to make our economy viable.

So this is my plea.

Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and persuade BN’s lawmakers to join you. Stop all legal proceedings, no more 916 and let go, just let go. The nation can wait till the next general elections if they want change. By doing so, Malaysians will see your party as caring, unselfish and gracious and give you their support in the next elections.

Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR’s lawmakers. You have proven your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general elections if they want your party. Focus all your talent, energy and hard work in steering the country out of an economic downturn. By doing so, Malaysians will see your party as caring, unselfish and smart and give you their support in the next elections.

BN and PR! Call for a truce. Get together and compromise. Someone has to give in. Or has hate consumed your heart till it blinds you? You can do it. You have enough intelligent people between you. I am sure you can find solutions. Take the nation to heart. That is why you are in politics in the first place.

Focus on the people.

Focus on the economy.

Anas Zubedy

Managing Director

Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd

Toll Increase Deferred

Posted: 27 February, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

A good news to receive today … Toll increase to be deferred to the end of the year.

PUTRAJAYA: The proposed toll increase for five highways effective Sunday has been put off till the end of the year.

Works Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed said the decision was reached at the Cabinet meeting on Friday following negative public reaction over the hike and the current economic situation.

There must be very strong objection to the increase, otherwise the government would not announce it one day and retract the decision the very next day

… Or …

It’s just a publicity stunt. You know, trying to show that someone there in Putrajaya cares about the rakyat …

Politically, there are two (2) by-elections (three counting the one in Sarawak) coming real soon and the current government would like to recapture the constituents they lost in the general election last year. And … what better way to show the people that the ruling government is a “caring government”

… can you see the possible link!

If the decision to defer the toll incease was made considering the plight of the raykat, than thank you. However, if it’s otherwise, I feel that it’s a dirty trick to pull … to mess with peoples’ minds.

Ahhh … that’s politics.

Okay … figures are out!

The 5 Highways involved in this increment excercise are

  1. North-South Expressway (PLUS),
  2. Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highways
  3. Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Expressway (AKLEH)
  4. Sungai Besi Highway
  5. New Pantai Expressway (NPE)

Out of the 5 I use PLUS and AKLEH the most. My wife use AKLEH to commute to work everyday. It was announced that toll rate for AKLEH will go up from RM1.50 to to RM2..00 one way. So, she has to pay RM1.00 extra daily to get to work. Thirty days a week less four Sundays in a month (normally), that’s RM26.00 a month she had to cough up to get to work. RM26.00 might not sound much to some people, but that’s the cost of a week of lunch to us ordinary Joes.

From The Star Online

Toll increase from March 1 for five highways (Updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: Road users will have to pay higher tolls for five major highways beginning March 1.

The highways affected are the North-South Expressway (PLUS), Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highways, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Expressway (AKLEH), Sungai Besi Highway and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

For the PLUS highway, it will be an increase of 5%.

This means toll charges from Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah to Kempas in Johor would increase from RM108 to RM113.40.

A trip from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh would increase from RM26.50 to RM27.90.

For the Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highways, it will be an increase of between 30sen and 50sen.

The Sungai Besi Highway will see an increase of 10sen, while the AKLEH and NPE will be increased by 50sen and 40sen respectively.

In announcing this, Works Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohammed said the increase was minimal and hoped the public understood that the increase was stipulated in the concession agreements that the government had signed.

“The increase was actually due in January last year but we had postponed it until now. This means the government has been paying compensation for 14 months.”

Mohd Zin said the compensation amounted to RM277mil with RM177mil going to PLUS, RM38mil to Sprint and RM30mil to AKLEH, adding that the impending increase was half of what was scheduled.

“There is a shortfall of 5%,” he said during a press conference at the Works Ministry on Wednesday.

The announcement for the increase however comes almost immediately after two toll booths were abolished recently.

The Salak Jaya toll (south-bound) was abolished on Tuesday while the toll at PJS2 (Kuala Lumpur-bound) of the New Pantai Expressway was abolished on Feb 13.

Mohd Zin said the abolishments were unrelated to the toll increase and that it should not be politicised, stressing that it was a contractual obligation on the government’s part.

He said more importantly was that alternative routes existed for all highways in the country, adding that this was the case for all highways but added that more could be done to improve the alternative routes.

When pointed out that the roads were jammed especially in the city regardless of whether it was a highway or an alternative route, Mohd Zin said it was a big challenge having to manage the amount of traffic Kuala Lumpur has.

“Kuala Lumpur has 3.5 million vehicles for a population of about five million people.

Tokyo only has 1.3 million vehicles for a populationf 20 million,” Mohd Zin said, concluding that more effort was needed to improve public transport.

Arrgghhh … and this is announced when everyone is in “ikat perut” mode.


Perhaps by agreement, the highway concessionaires could request or demand an increase in toll rates, but I think doing this at this time … during this hard times … might backfire.

Everyone will want to save whatever little they have, individuals as well as businesses, and the one way they can do that would not to take the toll highways. There will be less people taking the highway, the HIGHWAYMEN (remember Dick Turpin … well, that’s what they are … taking money from people using the roads), would record a lower toll colection.

In one years time, the Highwayman, would report to the government, that collection is low … expenses is higher … bla, bla, bla … and request for another increase in toll rates. The cycle continues.

Now, indirectly, productivity and efficeincy will be degraded as well. People would use the longer route. Lorries and transports can’t get the three or four trips per day delivering goods. Using the congested, and sometimes longer distance state roads, the efficiency of supplies delivery system is jeopardised.

Inefficient delivery system could cause retailers to increase inventory to avoid shortage, which translates to higher inventory costs that would be transferred to the consumers. Marketing people spend more time on the road than really meeting people and selling their ideas … you get my drift.

It could slow down the already slow economy.

These highway concessionaires should understand that when they decided to take up a project, they have a social obligation to the people. It’s not about huge profits but providing Malaysian with the necessary infrastructure for a better mode of transport and transportation. It’s a business … yes … but in this line of business, I don’t believe, the companies should burden the people just for profit.In hard times like this, It’s their time to assist the people and the government to stimulate the economy.

I’ll be driving up to Sitiawan, Perak to visit my parents next weekend. And my answer to this is to use the toll free Klang – Kuala Selangor – Hutan Melintang – Teluk Intan State road. I’ll be saving at least RM36.00 on toll charges for the return trip, and that already covers my fuel cost one way!




Clipping from The Star Online.

Toll increases from March 1 for five highways

KUALA LUMPUR: The toll rates for five highways will be increased from March 1, Works Minister Datuk Mohamad Zin Mohamed said on Thursday.

The highways, where road users have to pay more to use, are North-South Expressway Plus, Sprint, Ampang Elevated Highway, Sg Besi Highway, and New Pantai Expressway.

StarBiz had reported Thursday that the Government was expected to make a decision on road toll rates soon, possibly before the end of the week, as it owes compensation to the highway concessionaires for at least two months and more will be owed without a decision.

“Three groups owned highways with toll rates that were overdue for increases, according to their concession agreements.

“These concession owners are PLUS Expressways Bhd, IJM Corp Bhd and Lingkaran Trans Kota Holdings Bhd Litrak. While they own a number of tolled highways, several were due, or already overdue, for toll increases on Jan 1.

“These involved the North-South Expressway, New Klang Valley Expressway and Federal Highway Route 2 under PLUS, New Pantai Expressway NPE and Sungai Besi Highway under IJM group, and Damansara Link and Kerinchi Link that are stretches of the Sprint highway of Litrak,” wrote C.S. Tan.

Shitty Streamyx Connection.

Posted: 7 January, 2009 in Tech & The Net

I’m getting shitty (pardon the language, but I’m really pi***d) connection last night. Streamyx was really slowwww …. Just look at the results after running an internet speedtest.


It’s no better this morning!.

I was about to post somethig else here, but the crawling pace of my browser opening up the online blog editor made my so a speed test and post up the result here. 

Hey Streamyx!!! …. you have one very unsatisfied angry customer here.

I thought the severed undersea cable was fixed last weekend!