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New Toy ….

Posted: 9 January, 2009 in Gadgets & Toys
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I’ve been putting off getting a new phone, trying to squeeze as much usage life from my Nokia 9500 Communicator. The commie’s health became very critical recently, the housing cracked and the battery can’t even last till lunchtime. After lunch I’d be disconnected the rest of the afternoon.

A great reason to tell myself to get a new phone.

I initially thought of waiting for the Nokia E63 to reach Malaysian shores ….. nahhhh …. can’t wait that long. So this is what I got for myself. A Nokia E71.

Yeah …  a black, gun metal body.

I’ve read about complaints about the small QERTY keyboard, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I feel very comfortable handling the phone’s keyboard, that I think I’ve sent as many text message in the last couple of days as the whole month of December last year.

I like twitter, so the small app Tiny Twitter was the first third party application I installed onto the phone, followed by Opera Mini. I don’t do  much mobile browsing so I do not need to go about setting up the phone for 3G connection. I’m not subscribed to any sort ‘buffet’  – use all you can – data plan, I pay as I use … a la carte style. I have wireless connection at home and at work, so all I need to do was set up the phone for these two places … easy peasy.

One application that is a little tricky to install (at least for me) is the Garmin Mobile XT GPS. Nokia has it’s own GPS app but I’m more familar with the Garmin, me having used a Nuvi device before. Got it installed and working yesterday evening.

Now. I need to trouble shoot, why my new E71 won’t sync with my home PC. There must be somekind of connection problem because the desktop PC Sync client can’t detect the phone when hooked. At work … I get to sync the phone at first try.

Wish me luck …..

Here’s a one minute promotional/demo video of the new Nokia N97.

Very catchy video showing what the new phone can do, execpt how to use that darn thing as a voice communication device. In more simple words … how to use it as a phone lah!

Where’s the traditional numeric keypad? is it on screen? Do we have to slide the top part open and use the QWERTY keypad to dial out? The video should at least show that. It’s supposed to be a phone, anyway, right?

Nokia N97

Posted: 2 December, 2008 in Gadgets & Toys
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A more up to date news … Nokia announced its new flagship phone today, the Nokia N97.

Here’s a quote from Jonas Geust, Vice President, heading Nokia Nseries., taken from the press release;

“From the desktop to the laptop and now to your pocket, the Nokia N97 is the most powerful, multi-sensory mobile computer in existence,”

“Together with the Ovi services announced today, the Nokia N97 mobile computer adjusts to the world around us, helping stay connected to the people and things that matter most. With the Nokia N97, Nseries leads the charge in helping to transform the Internet into your Internet”.

It looks more like an E90 sibling if you ask me. I think this is the first full QWERTY keyboard N-Series mobile phone by Nokia. Looks stunning, but at EUR 550 (around RM 2,600.00) , not everybody would want to buy one. (more…)

Nokia E63 … It’s Out

Posted: 2 December, 2008 in Gadgets & Toys
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I know it’s a bit of and old news for some people, but the Nokia E63 had been officially released by Nokia earlier last month.


I have been closely monitoring (apparently not close enough) this model since a promo video of the phone leaked on youtube, a few months ago. The news of the release only got to my Google Alert email only this morning.

It’s a cheaper version of the Nokia E71, which would appeal to more people (including yours truly) based on the price segment of the phone. It’s supposed to be priced at EUR 199, that’s around the RM1,000.00 mark here in Malaysia. If it’s anything like the E71, this could be a market stealer. The E71 itself might lose some market share to it’s younger sibling.

Here’s the phone specifications:e63.jpg

  • A 2.36 inch TFT display with 16 million colors and 320 x 240 pixels
  • Symbian S60, version 3.1
  • Quad band GSM connectivity (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
  • Dual band UMTS connectivity
  • Wi-Fi
  • HTML browser
  • Email
  • Nokia Maps
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • A 3.5mm headset jack
  • Music player
  • FM radio with RDS
  • A 2 MP camera (no autofocus)
  • 110MB of internal memory
  • MicroSD & MicroSDHC card support, up to 8GB
  • 126 grams
  • 113 x 59 x 13 mm

13mm thick … I can live with that. It’s no thicker than my LG Chocolate I’m using at the moment.