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Home Made Quesadilla

Posted: 23 June, 2010 in Food & Cooking

I made my own lunch today. I have cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion, whole grain tortilla and low-fat cheese in the fridge. Sufficient ingredients to whip up a quesadilla.

The tortilla is 170 calories. Low-fat cheese is 80 calories, according to nutritional information on the packaging. That’s 250 calories not including the veggies. Guesssing the vegetables to be around 100 calories, my lunch would be approximately 350 calories.

Doctors, dieticians, health experts … Any comments?

Last night, the menu was Curry Mee. There were some leftovers but I did not want to pack up the curry mee for today’s simply because I cannot warm it up at work.

With the leftovers, I ‘converted’ the curry mee to fried noodle. I do not mind eating a cold fried noodle, but curry or soup based noodle must me steaming hot to enjoy them at the maximum.