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Before 13/02/2011, the last time I rode a bicycle was thirty years ago. Last month, I decided to join a few of my friends cycling around Putrajaya. My friends really wanted me to ride with them, that they pooled their resources and lent me a bike, safety helmet and gloves. Like people say, you won’t forget how to ride a bike.

I rode for 20km that day around the nation’s administrative capital and here are some photos to remember the day by …

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It’s a public holiday, my my last chance to bake some cookies for the coming Hari Raya.

As usual, I’ll bake a whole bunch of my choc chips cookies for my whole family … My mom, my brother my sister and my in laws back at Sg. Lui. Usually in return, I’ll receive other kuehs like pineapple tarts, peanut sujee, bahulu, dodol … etc, in return. It (this barter trading of cookies nad kuehs) worked pretty well all these years and I don’t plan to break the family tradition yet.

Only one drawback here … Relatives visiting at my families’ home for Hari Raya will be served the same variety of kuehs 😀

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Sunday Morning Showers

Posted: 22 August, 2010 in Babbles & Rants, Snapshots

Ahh … made the right decision not to go out jogging this morning. The sky just poured. It’s a cool and wet Sunday morning, so I’ll just relax with the Sunday morning papers until the kids wake up. I’ll let the sleep a while longer and wake them up at 8:30am. Giving me some quiet time for myself with the newspaper. Later I’m going to take them out shopping for Hari Raya.

Was about to go out for my Sunday morning walk when there was a flash in the sky and rumbling sounds moments later. Ah! It’s about to rain. Will wait for a while before heading out there. I don’t wanna get wet in an early morning showers.

A wonderful time with the kids setting up their own plate for break fast.

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