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Old School Day Calendar

Posted: 15 December, 2009 in Pen & Paper

Felt very nostalgic … I love this kind of calendar, wall mount or desktop, like this one. If only this moleskine day calendar is not so pricey …

I added some sketches to make the recipe book less boring …

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Inspired by the blog post and photos of inkyjournal’s White Lamy Safari fountain pen, I thought I’d show off one of my favourite pens … A 1969 Parker 45.


I bought the 45 off ebay and paid $8.00 for it. The good part about the purchase was that the pen came with the original box, complete with the instruction manual. On the manual there was this fine print “1969” making me to believe that this pen was produced in that year. The pen is fitted with an extra fine nib point. There’s an “X’ mark at the bottom rear of the nib collar. The extra fine is just right for me … not too fine … not too thick. It’s just right. (Goldilocks, don’t sue me :D)

The Parker 45 is loaded with a custom mix green ink. A 2:1 mixture of Pelikan Brilliant Black and Pelikan Green. The colour is a dark shade of green almost like the Private Reserve Sherwood Green. I’ve been using this ink mix for this pen for a couple of years now.



These photos were taken with my Nokia E71 … Not as sharp as I would like it to be.

I have another Parker 45 fountain pen. It’s an early 70’s Matte Red Parker 45 Coronet. I’ll write and post a few photos of the pen some other time.

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It was not the first time that this had happened to me. Someone asked me what was I doing during a meeting last Saturday.

A gentleman next to me tapped on my shoulders and asked me what was I doodling while an executive was giving a presentation.

“Taking notes”, I replied.

“Notes …” he said “I am sure you were drawing or sketching something of sorts.”

“I was taking notes”, he added, while showing a piece of paper with some words scribbled on it.

“Okay, I was taking notes … and doodling at the same time”, I admitted to him, and showed him my note book.

The last response I got from him was a small nod and “Ooo .. I see”.

I have a short attention span, especially listening to something new and something I don’t really have interest in. In this case, I am not interested in the topic, but needed to jot down some important points for work purposes and reference. When it’s not interesting to me, facts, figures and procedures usually won’t stick in the glob of white mass between my ears. I hear, but I was not really listening … so, I take notes to remember.

But sometimes, my mind still wanders around and I’ll be thingking of a different thing altogether. I usually doodle or draw what is related to the topic at hand so that it keeps my mind attached to the topic and catch important items put forth in the meeting or briefing.


This is a page out of my moleskine with scribbles of notes and doodles I scribbled during that meeting on Saturday that attracted one man’s attention.

What do you think?

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I carry a Moleskine journal as well, but I write more than I draw. I’m all thumbs when it comes to art, but I really appreciate art and like to look at beautiful drawings. Here’s a youtube video of drawings and sketches in a Moleskine sketchbook by Emila Yusof.

I wanna be able to draw like that …..

Free Notebooks/Journals

Posted: 2 December, 2008 in Babbles & Rants
Tags: , , is giving away free Rhodia notebooks and Moleskine Journals. All I need to do is write some “pretentious poetry” in the comments section of the post to enter for the giveaway contest. Here’s my “poetic” entry ….

Twelve steps to winning a free journal.

one step, two step, three step, four
I love to write more and more
four step, three step, two step, one
Moleskine journal is the one

five step, six step, seven step, eight
write about food, travel, love or hate
eight step, seven step, six step, five
I’ll keep writing while I’m alive

nine step, ten step, eleven step, twelve
it’s the CrunchGear Mokeskine I want to have
twelve step, eleven step, ten step, nine
I wish what I want would be mine

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The price of moleskine journals here in Kuala Lumpur is pretty high, so I’ve been for the look out for a suitable and cheaper replacement for quite some time already …. but still going back to the pocket moleskine.

I found out about a moleskine lookalike by Rhodia at called Rhodia Webnotebook. I would like to own one, to test one out for myself. After reading the full review, and some googling, this notebook will not be any cheaper than a moleskine. How soon this will arrive Malaysian shores is also a big WHEN?

So, I’m entering the giveaway contest organized by, to try out my luck in winning one. Who knows, I might get hooked to the Rhodia Webnotebook …..

Wish me luck.